Monday, April 21, 2014

Our family's easter sunday / Ostersonntag 2014

"Easter bunny! Easter bunny!
Where are you?
three little kids are looking for you.
Where are the easter treats? 
give us some too!"

Easter is one of our family's favorite holidays (next to christmas), not just because of the long weekend break but also because of our traditional easter egg decorating activity, easter egg hunt, easter bunny basket treats and brunch with the whole family (of course with the swiss's sunday bread "Zopf")

Our twin babies Ayden & Alyzsa are now 2 1/2 yrs.old, so it's their first easter egg decorating activity and they loved it so much.

This year's easter eggs by the twins A&A.

Last year's easter egg by mami and Niko.

Last year's kids easter treats from tita Angela. Of course, easter bunny chocolates is a must ;)

           Lindt pralinés,swiss finest ;)

 Yesterday's easter treats (again and always from tita Angela)

     A&A looking for their easter basket.

At first they didn't know what to do but with the help of tita Angela and tito Silvio, they eventually got the idea of finding the easter basket full of sweets.

In switzerland they have this interesting and fun swiss easter tradition called "Eiertütsche" that literally means egg cracking or crashing. It's an "egg cracking" game which the first player needs to hit the tip of his egg on the other tip of the opponent's, with the intention of breaking the shell, the one who has uncracked egg is the winner.

 Niko's self-decorated bunny chocolate.


  Easter basket treats from Niko's school.

It was a fun easter sunday for the whole family specially it was A&A's first easter activity experience that they participated. We will do the same every year ;)

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