Sunday, April 27, 2014

Adrenalin rush! Skydiving in Switzerland


One of my hub's sports is skydiving. He told me a lot of things about it and he wanted me to experience it myself once. (Btw i'm afraid of heights lol )

I did a tandem jump.
It was end of september, so the weather was still good.

We arrived at the Flying Ranch airfield in Triengen (Canton Lucerne),where my husband used to skydive before. He knows some of the staff and some skydiver in psc triengen that's why we decided to do it there (fyi steph is a swissboogie skydiver).

First, i was given some important instructions about the jump and some do's and dont's...then we're off to go.

Wally the instructor, was so friendly.He made me really comfortable during the flight and specially during the jump. While on the plane i kept asking myself if i really want to do it, i was so scared to death, but no turning back! i just told myself if others can do it, i can do it too! 

           In the air,enjoying the beautiful scenery of Switzerland.

I was so happy that we landed good, i can't contain the joy that i conquered my fear for the very first time. I hugged my kids right away and very thankful that the jump went well.

I received a certificate from PSC triengen (Para sport-club) who run the place and i can make a skydiving course whenever i want. 

My husband made a package with a video of my jump, which is a nice remembrance to keep.

My son Niko is unfortunetly too young to try it, but he said one day when he's big enough he'll be like his papi ;)

Trying this extreme sport is a wonderful once in a lifetime experience and as a person who's afraid of heights (that's me lol) i don't think i'll pursue to be a skydiver like my husband steph. But all in all i was so thankful and happy to experience it.

It was my very first jump,so i was so nervous and paranoid like crazy, but the experience was so much fun and all worth it.

For those of you who wants to try and experience skydiving, just check their website for all the infos.

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