Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Swiss spring is in the air!

   A beautiful drinking fountain in Zürich.

  (Flowers from 'Blumen Fitze' it's a flower shop in front of this fountain who's doing the flower decoration every three months.)

Spring has officially started last sunday. It's our favorite season, obviously! because of the beautiful weather and lovely flowers around.

We used to go to Lindenhof in the heart of Zürich, to see the wonderful view of the city. There's a big playground for kids and giant chess. It's also a good place to play Petanque/Boccia.

Aside from the beautiful view, we also love going to the forest to have our daily dose of fresh air, i do morning walks with the kids, sometimes simply hanging around or having a bbq in the wild.

Switzerland has a lot of nice Picknick place and that's what we love the most! A place where poeple can make bbq parties and fun activities outdoor. Making the fire is already an interesting activity for the little ones. 

Bbq season has just started ;)

Afternoon walk.

 Nothing beats the delicious taste of forest wood.

          of course! BRATWURST lol


I love Switzerland's breathtaking views  and the wild. The fresh air and the free "zoo" for the kids in every farm around our place. Such a relaxing and wonderful place for the whole family. 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Swiss Fasnacht 2015 (Carnival)

Fasnacht is a yearly carnival event every february in Switzerland and in some parts of Europe. It's not just for the kids but also for the whole family. The Children love dressing up and going to the parade to collect sweets and goodies. This year we've been to four different kids fasnacht event around switzerland to see their unique fasnacht celebration with their very own marching bands and beauitiful floats.

    Our favorite of all is in Basel (Basler Fasnacht). It's the biggest and the most beautiful costumes and parade we've ever seen. They have a full week event but we usually go on tuesday, especially just for Kids.

    The Waggis.

Lots of confetti on the street.

Last year we got 3kg. of sweets but this time 6kg. (record holder lol) 

A&A as little Anna and Kristoff. (Btw, DIY Kristoff costume).

Last minute diy Kristoff costume.
(I can't find a finished costume anywhere, so i decided to make one.)

School Kinderfasnacht Party.

Kinderfasnacht in AG.

Kinderfasnacht in Bremgarten. (Wasn't able to take lots of pix coz my phone died)

 It's a fun event that every family should see and experience ;)