Sunday, August 09, 2015

Swiss National day 2015

Our 1st of August. 

Big bonfire outside the school.

Celebration at our town.

France roadtrip 🇫🇷 2015

Our 7-day france road trip

Our first plan was to stay only for few days in Bordeaux but since it was a long weekend, i thought why not a longer roadtrip to see some other places too and to discover more about the french culture.

Day 1

Paris (just for the kids, because Ratatouille!)

It's the twins' first time in Paris and they want to see Eiffel tower so bad after seeing the film "Ratatouille".

We also went to Arc de Triomphe and Louvre.

Day 2

Le mont Saint Michel, Normandy  (St. Michael's mount) 3-hr drive from Paris.

It is a beautiful lovely place plus the wonderful sunny weather when we were there. Would love to go back again here soon.

Alyzsa said it's the Castle of Arendale (FRozen).

wonderful view of the Castle at night.

Day 3

O the road going to La teste de Buch, Bordeaux Region. 

On the way, we saw an american cemetery located in Normandy. We remember it is famous so, we thought to check it out. We just followed the signs and found a very interesting cemetery. Such a relaxing place.
It was like a trip going back to the II World War. 
A lot of interesting facts about the American Forces who landed in Normandy in 1944,
D-day and the Battle of Normandy.

( will upload the pictures soon)

Day 4

La Teste de Buch.

The great dune of Pilat/dune de Pilat. 

The highest dune in Europe, the Sahara of france!

After a 5-min. walk from the parking, there is a long stairs going up the dune. You'll see a breathtaking view of the sea. Simply wonderful and clean fine sand + wonderful sunny weather + lovely ocean breeze = just perfect! 

Day 5


Arcachon Bay

Day 6

Food trip and shopping day!

They said they have the most tastiest Oyster in the Region, so we went to a local Oyster Shop/restaurant that i saw in trip Advisor, "La Cabane".

Ordered a sea food platter for 2. 

We went also to another tripadvisor most recommended restos like Robinson Crusoesea food buffet Restaurant, Wok and eat Chinese Buffet Resto and Le Rottiserie, all located in La teste de buch.

And bought some Bordeaux wine (a must!). 

We tried out different restaurants during our stay and we went shopping almost everyday! We had to take advantage of cheaper prices there because we all know how expensive it is in Switzerland (or in case, you don't know lol). Eating in a good restaurant there with fresh sea foods can costs only €€.

Day 6 

The beautiful city of Bordeaux

Beautiful architecture everywhere and such a lovely historical place.

Day 7

A little bit of La teste and relaxing in dune de Pilat.

And finally, Going back home! Almost a 10-hr drive including the stopovers on the way.

It was a full packed France roadtrip! The best so far ;) A fun roadtrip experience for the kids.