Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Home-made Pizza Roll, Italian Style

One evening my husband (S) decided to do something for dinner,he went home with all the ingredients (last minute shopping) and went straight to our kitchen.

2 Champignon mushroom
1 Red bell pepper
1 pizza ready-to-cook crust
1 can pizza sauce (any brand) 
1 small can tomato puree
1 pack ham (cold cut meat- better rear ham, coz ir's more tastier)
1 small pack mozarella cheese ( or more,depends how much you want)
1tsp. White & black pepper
3tsp. Italian spices mix
1 salted sausage (we used Ticinella Luganighi, we live in Switzerland btw)

First cut the mushroom and the sausage thinly and fry it for few minutes and set it aside...shape your pizza crust to a rectangular form,spread the tomato puree then the pizza tomato sauce ,cheese,bellpepper and the rest of the ingredients.It's  so easy like you're making a personalized pizza but at the end you just need to roll it.

Preheat your oven to 220 degrees celsius.
Then put the pizza and let it sit there for 20mins.

What we did is more italian sausage style. You can also create your own like hawaiian,pepperoni or so...but i'm telling the one that my husband did is super duper yummy,it tasted like an authentic italian pizza ,the herbs helped a lot with the taste also the tomato puree it gives a little sweetness on the pizza which is really good.
And just a tip put some holes on top of the roll to avoid bumps on your pizza roll.

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