Thursday, September 10, 2020

Schloss Wildegg

 Wildegg Castle

Möriken-Wildegg, Aargau

A beautiful castle with a well-preserved heritage in one place.

The wonderful garden with stairs in the middle will instantly make you feel a princess from the past. The beauty of the flower garden on the hill looking over small towns nearby is simply breathtaking.

Rose garden with all the information written on the side like, what kind of rose it is and the year it was planted.

At the beginning, there's an introduction about the family who used to live in the castle. Their past positions and their funny characters are portrayed on a digital screen which is very entertaining for the kids.

This part is the best for me as an interior-design lover. You'll get to see all the beautiful old-fashioned  furnitures, plates and cuttlery that only rich poeple could afford at that time.

It is very goo that they are able to maintain and preserved all the castle's belongings for future generations.

This feels like a time-travel room with the unique oven/stove that they use as a heater. Imagine how many woods they have to burn everyday during winter.

You could see how lavish their lifestyle in this buffet. All those gatherings and dinners that we see on movies are actually true.

Another room with a 'Kachelofen' tiled stove. Each room has it's own design and uniqueness. Even the maids room has a small one.

A lot of things to see and to do in this castle. For the kids it will be very entertaining as they have 'rätsel' game for them to be able to go see all the areas with all the informations and at the end they will get a small price.
A small bird cage also near the rose garden, vegtable garden with all the herbs and spices, huge relaxing area with sun beds is available.

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