Monday, April 20, 2015

Easter Eggs!

This year we decorated and colored our easter eggs the traditional way. Using yellow and red onion skin for the coloring and different leaves for the decoration.

It was hubby's idea to show the kids how they decorate easter eggs way back.

We used:

White eggs
Onion skins (red and yellow)

We boiled the onion skin to create that yellowish/reddish color, decorated the eggs with different shapes of leaves and simply put it on the colored water and boiled for few minutes.

The result was really nice. We all enjoyed making it. 

First of all, it's less messy with all the color paints and little deco stuff that we used to do every year and it's soo easy, that everyone can participate (even the small ones).

It's also a fun activity looking for different leaves in the forest ;)

Afterwards, we did easter egg hunt and the kids got their easter basket treats (load of sweets and of course! with easter bunny chocolates)

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