Friday, March 14, 2014

Visiting Disneyland,Paris


We went to paris just to see the Eiffel Tower and to explore the City itself but it was again our son's birthday so we thought to surprise him in Disneyland.We booked our flight from Zurich to Paris via with car rental.We always travel with the whole Family so having a car is a good way for us to avoid long queus at the Train Station and the hassle of rush hour.

at the entrance.

It was a sunny day but cold ,t'was around October.A lot of poeple at the park that time.

They have express ticket if you want to avoid long queus but with extra cost.

My son enjoyed all the rides and i was able to join him in this elephant ride :D
in some rides parents are allowed to join their Kids if their not that brave enough to go alone.

The steam Train is a nice attraction for the whole Family,a good way to relax after a long walk in the park.

The toy story gang

 In the afternoon they have this traditional Disney Parade,which was really nice and very beautiful with all the famous Disney characters ,everyone loved it! Always bring extra battery for your camera ,for sure you will take loads of photos during your stay.

There was a lot of poeple so better pick a nice place to have a perfect view.

 Buzz light year my son's fave toy Story character. They have a lot of Disney Merchandise shops all over the park,so better buy a souvenir as rememberance if your sta.My son bought  a buzz light year toy,exactly on the Picture ( small version).


Disney at night.

just check their Website for all the info.

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