Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Swiss Autumn 🍁

Swiss Autumn

It's that time of year again!
Time change and colors switch.
From summer to winter time, from green color to yellow-ish, red-ish and orange-ish colors of nature.
 In short, Autumn color.

Swiss autumn is very alive and colorful.
Uetliberg trail is our favorite place for an afternoon walk in late september and mid october. 
The weather is mostly sunny and the temperature is mild that makes the surroundings more colorful and enjoyable.

In the height of pandemic we all just want to have a peaceful, safe and clean environment. Material things didn't even count. Health is the most important thing.

We are lucky that switzerland has a lot of beautiful places to go to away from the crowd.

This beautiful tree that we saw on the way is full of life.
Simple tree that gives us a positive energy that life might be challenging but there's always a way to be happy. 

 This view gives us a very peaceful vibe.
Makes me appreciate simple things in life more in times like these.

Simple happiness that has a big impact. As they say...

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower"

And, this is my favorite part, food! 

Every autumn as we all know is the 'Wildsaison' (wild season).

Wild specialty is offered in every swiss restaurant. "Wildspezialität" is advertised in every restaurant entrance that means wild specialty. 

I was not a big fan of deer meat because of that strong after-taste but if you'll find a decent traditional swiss restaurant you better give it a try because they know what they do and they know how to cook it the proper way.

We discovered this Linde restaurant in Weiningen and they are simply exceptional.

Their venison steak is the best that i had since i moved here.

Very juicy and tasty with delicous side dishes like spätzle, baked pear, stir fried grapes, peach, red cabbage and banana croquette.

I never had baked pear and stir fried grapes-peach before and they taste amazingly good.

I even tried to make my own venison meat at home. Not that good yet but will practice more.

Thanks for dropping-by and have a great Autumn you all!

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