Thursday, May 02, 2013

Meliá Sinaí hotel


                            POB 71 - Montazah/Ras Nasrani, Sharm el Sheikh 154, Egypt.

Located on a vantage point in Ras Nasrani, 7 km from Sharm El Sheikh airport, the Meliá Sinaí hotel offers first class service and facilities; including an excellent diving school and special facilities for divers. It is set on a private beach facing fantastic coral reefs, you simply have to see for yourself (the only access to the sea is through a 50-meter jetty that goes over the corals), and with spectacular views over the Red Sea and Tiran Island. 

We spent our 2-wk vacation/honeymoon in Melia Sinai hotel  in December. We are scuba divers so it was a perfect location for us, they have a dive shop with the most friendliest crew we've ever met. 

Since it was our honeymoon our room was upgraded to a sea view room instead of the pool side room the we booked online through a travel agencyThe room  was really nice, very clean, organized and spacious.
We have booked the hotel all-inclusive which includes buffet breakfast,lunch and dinner,snacks and all-inclusive drinks.

The beach was rocky that you have to go through a jetty to swim, but they have a lot of sunbeds on the beach with a nice view of Tiran strait. We are mostly busy scuba diving so it was not a problem for us. 

The room  was really nice ,very clean,organized and spacious. With tv, fridge, comfortable bed, toilette with bathtub, and sea view balcony.

Belly dancer performer at night.

They have laundry service, beauty parlor, kids activities like magic show, cultural shows at night , pool aerobics in the morning, karaoke night and a lot more.They have a very professional and friendly staff who are available all the time.

one of the dive masters/guides in the resort

The Dive shop is operated by Extradiversthey have complete equipment that you can rent if you don't want to bring your own, like diving computer, wetsuits, fins, mask and extras. They offer diving trips like  Dahab-blue hole, Thistlegorm shipwreck and a lot more.

view from the light house.Outside dining area.

They have buffet breakfast, lunch, snack bar and dinner if you booked all-inclusive. A lot of poeple in tripadvisor who are complaining about the Food, well it was really a repetative menu but not bad at all,with 10-15 dishes every night, you're not fonna be able to try all o fit for one day. They also have different delicious egyptian dishes, seafood barbecue and sweets buffet.

the pool area near our room.

the garden rooms.

view from our room.
Melia Sinai at night.

Overall we enjoyed our stay and will definitely go back.

I'll post my Egypt scuba diving experience in Thistleform and blue hole in my other blog soon. Thanks!

Home made Fench Macarons

It was actually my first time to do this yummy french macarons for Christmas eve,after seeing my friends baking homemade macarons, i finally decided to give it a try and it was a succes! so easy as i expected, it wasn't the best good looking homemade macarons but it tasted really good ;)


*125 g almond meal or ground almonds

*200g cups powdered sugar

*3 large egg whites (they said eggs aged up to 3 days are better but i used just what i got from the grocery,i don't know even know how old they were)

*30g granulated sugar

*some are using 1 teaspoon vanilla extract but i think it's optional.

*food coloring

Materials needed:

*Electric handmixer/beater (i used Philips and it worked perfectly fine)


*mixing bowls

*oven tray with baking paper

*pastry bag(round tip)

*kitchen scale




-First measure all the ingredients properly

-sift ground almonds and powdered sugar

-then mix them together in a bowl with the granulated sugar.(some are using food processor but if you don't have just use a normal mixing bowl like what i did ;)

- now put the egg whites on the mixing bowl and beat it on medium-high speed until egg whites become stiff. while doing it put the granulated sugarthen put the color that you want (i used brown color)

-mix the egg whites to make the color even by using the spatula.

-mix/fold the almond sugar mixture to the egg whites

-when it become shiny and creamy pipe out the macarons on the tray with baking paper .

*some poeple are using silicone macaron mat but since you are doing this the first time macaron template is ok for now .What i did ,i draw circles on the baking paper like on the picture below (it's a size of a 5-dollar coin)

-once it's all piped out on ,bang the trys to let the air out.

-to make it perfectly round use the spatula to form and to remove that tip on top of the macarons.

-set the macarons aside for 20mins. while you preheat the oven to 300°f (150°C)

-then bake your Macarons for 14mins.

-Let the shells coolbefore removing them from the baking paper.

-then put your preferred filling,i used Nutella since it was my first time ,i'll try to make my own next time.

That's it! Goodluck and happy baking :)