Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to bake Swiss Butter Zopf

Zopf  is a swiss-german for "knot"

Swiss butter Zopf is a popular sunday bread in switzerland ,aside from cheese and chocolates swiss poeple love to eat bread for brunch. This bread is a very unique because of it's appearance like a knotted hair braid.

I will show here a very easy recipe of Butter Zopf.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.


1 kg. white flour
1 tsp. salt
20 gr.yeast
1 tsp.sugar
125 gr.butter (let it sit on a room temp. To make it soft)
7dl  milk
1 egg yolk


*Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. ( better sift first the flour to avoid some hard parts) then put the wet ingredients. ( egg,yeast,milk & butter)
*Knead to a soft dough ,we do it usually by hand so i can't give exactly how many minutes you have to roll it but depends how good you knead the dough until it's good to set aside  (cover the bowl with a cloth) and let it rise until it doubled the size.

*cut the dough to two parts and weave it like a knot and create a long roll size each.
-put the two long dough on cross position
-hold the two ends of the first dough and cross it over then take the two ends of the second dough and same procedure cross it ove
-just repeat until you reach the end of each dough and just simply fold the ends to have a nice zopf form.

Put the finished zopf dough in a tray with backing paper and cover again for about 30mins. After that brush the egg yolks on it to have that brownish shiny look.

Bake for about 45mins. @ 200 degrees celsius.

Just a tip on how to know if your Zopf is perfectly baked,try to knocked on each side of the Zopf and if you hear that string sound like knocking on your door and it's has a hard appearance ,it's ready to eat!

You can eat it with butter and marmalade or with cold cuts. (Ham,pepperoni etc.)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Easy yema cake recipe by ME!

Yema is a popular pastry or dessert in the philippines,that we usually buy in a "sari-sari" store ( a small convenient store).

This recipe is so easy,just make a normal vanilla cake or buy a finished one.

For the ingredients of yema filling

2 tubes or can of condensed milk (250ml. Each)
4  egg yolks
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 fresh vanilla stem or 1 tsp.powder
Almond slices
100 gr. of butter
100 gr. of peanut

First heat the pan and put the butter ,pour the milk and mix well,put the egg yolks,sugar and the vanilla.

Make 2 parts of the mix condensed milk ,set the other half aside to pur on top of your cake and the other half let it stay in the pan then put the peanuts for the filling and let it cook for 5mins. more.

Cut your cake into 2parts ,the thickier yema cream is for the filling to put in the middle layer of your cake then put the second layer and pour the other half of the yema cream on top and sprinkle the almond slices. That's it ! So easy and not so complicated recipe.

You can partner it with coffee or tea.

Home-made Pizza Roll, Italian Style

One evening my husband (S) decided to do something for dinner,he went home with all the ingredients (last minute shopping) and went straight to our kitchen.

2 Champignon mushroom
1 Red bell pepper
1 pizza ready-to-cook crust
1 can pizza sauce (any brand) 
1 small can tomato puree
1 pack ham (cold cut meat- better rear ham, coz ir's more tastier)
1 small pack mozarella cheese ( or more,depends how much you want)
1tsp. White & black pepper
3tsp. Italian spices mix
1 salted sausage (we used Ticinella Luganighi, we live in Switzerland btw)

First cut the mushroom and the sausage thinly and fry it for few minutes and set it aside...shape your pizza crust to a rectangular form,spread the tomato puree then the pizza tomato sauce ,cheese,bellpepper and the rest of the ingredients.It's  so easy like you're making a personalized pizza but at the end you just need to roll it.

Preheat your oven to 220 degrees celsius.
Then put the pizza and let it sit there for 20mins.

What we did is more italian sausage style. You can also create your own like hawaiian,pepperoni or so...but i'm telling the one that my husband did is super duper yummy,it tasted like an authentic italian pizza ,the herbs helped a lot with the taste also the tomato puree it gives a little sweetness on the pizza which is really good.
And just a tip put some holes on top of the roll to avoid bumps on your pizza roll.