Monday, October 12, 2020

Gold Panning in Switzerland

 Our fun gold panning experience 


The unesco Biosphere Entlebuch offers a lot of adventures for young and old.

Hiking, gold panning, biking and a lot more.

Due to covid we decided to spend our summer holiday in Switzerland. We discovered new beautiful places and learned new stuff. 

We didn't know gold panning is such a fun activity for the whole family. With hardwork and patience you will find gold flakes while enjoying the beautiful Napf surroundings. 

We booked online, in Napfgold-erlebnis. 
(Found them thru google)

They are very helpful and informative, direct to the point. Some company gives too much information but with Napf they will give you just the necessry infos that you need to know. 

The kids get to dig on their own and do the 'washing' with all the tools provided. 

You could book a day, half day or a 4-hr  gold panning experience. Since it is our first real river gold panning (my kids did the "gold panning" on a box of sand before, offered by their sports club somewhere in switzerland as part of their group excursion not the real one though but just to have a nice experience how it goes). 

We booked the 4-hr tour/experience considering we have three kids and we don't know yet at that time if they will enjoy the whole thing from walking to digging and it turns out they liked it so much that they want to do it every summer

Romoos, Entlebuch is 1hr by car from zurich.

And, 2hrs by train from Zurich main station.

Luzern is the nearest city in Entlebuch.
It is also a good idea to do some Luzern or Entlebuch sight-seeing afterwards.

This was our 4-hr gold panning experience (9am- 1pm)

- Collecting all the equipment. Rubber boots, shovel, pan, small bottle container and sluice box.

-small introduction and briefing about the area and gold panning history

-30-minute hike down the river

-Gold panning instructions

-gold panning on your own

-gather all the tools and hike up to the nearest bus station.

-took the bus back to Napfgold-Erlebnis place

-cleaned all the tools and...  finished!

You will be on your own afterwards but the Napfgold-erlebnis guides will be there all the time to give some tips and advice.

Time is so fast and patience is really a virtue. You will find gold just be patient.

We thought it was too short so i would recommend a half-day package for beginners, you have an option to book your lunch with them as well.
We were in a group but i think you can also have a private guide.

Check our short gold panning video here

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