Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wellness weekend at the Swiss holiday Park.

Our labor day excursion at the swiss holiday park.  Morschach, Schwyz.

It was a cloudy day in the city but sunny and wonderful weather up in the mountain, so we thought to go to a waterpark, where the kids can have some fun.

The place is really relaxing, we enjoyed the view and the calmness of the place.
It was not over-crowded when we went there (which is not usual during cold days). The kiddie pool, slide area and the outdoor pool was fantastic and clean.

They have small slides that are suitable for young kids.The place is not that big like other water parks like Alpa Mare and Swiss aqua park but it's just perfect for families.

Aside from the spa and waterpark, they also have some fun activities outside like go kart, Kids playground, bowling, and tennis. Kids will not gonna get bored in this place.

It's a nice weekend getaway from the busy streets of Zürich. My kids loved the place... hope to go back again here soon.

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