Friday, May 09, 2014

Turkey family spring break - Nashira resort and spa hotel

Nashira resort and spa hotel

Side,Turkey (Antalya region)

We went to turkey last April and spent our fun family holiday in Nashira.


The hotel itself is really big and nice, though some parts need some renovation, but it was still a good place for families.. On the arrival area they have a snack table for the guests.

I love how they design the resort,the pools are really huge, the food was outstanding and the employees were really nice and friendly.

We booked the duplex room (all inclusive) with a nice sea view located at the 5th flr. 
We had a double bed upstairs and a double sofa bed downstairs.

They have a wide selection of food and they're so delicious, you're not gonna get hungry.

They have their own beach and it really clean, though the sunbeds at that time were not yet placed andthejetty right there (above photo) was not fixedyet because the season just started and they're still preparing all the facilities before summer kicks in.

They have a big aquapark on the side with long slides but unfortunately it was not open yet, sadly we were not able to try it out. But it was fine, coz they also have a smaller one on the other side of the resort,which is enough for our kids. Btw, the water was still cold at that time but perfect sunny weather for spring. They also have kids club, doing fun activities.

We did some sidetrip in Side center, that is around 15-20 mins by car from Nashira. We visited the roman ruins and the arena.
Shopped at the popular shopping center  and tried some turkish food.

We booked our airport transfer in for 100€ 2-way for 2 adults and 3 kids.For 2 persons 80€ which is cheaper than the hotel's airport service (140€). Suleyman and Mehmet are really reliable and friendly drivers. Going back to switzerland was at 3am flight and they picked us up on time.

We also booked for our Side center trip for 30€, we have 2-yr old twin babies,so it was much easier for us to travel with our own car.

There is also a bus terminal outside the hotel to Side center for 1€/way.

At first i was a bit skeptic to book this hotel because of the negative reviews in tripadvisor but i thought the price was really affordable for the whole family, when we arrived everything was fantastic, i think those poeple who are complaining online about Nashira are the ones who are always complaining of everything, i mean if you're looking for a perfect service then look for a private villa where you can have the full attention of the staff. I truly believe that, you get what you paid, but this hotel exceeded my expectations for that price. I bet this hotel is nicer during summer time.

We loved our stay and will def. go back.

For the airport transfer just check their website

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