Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Miniature Wonderland! - Swiss Vapeur Park, Le Bouveret

Swiss vapeur park is an amusement park located at Le Bouveret on the other end side of geneva lake in Canton Vaud near montreux.

It's a miniature wonderland for kids with different kinds of mini version of swiss trains like those Sbb trains all over switzerland and swiss steam trains.

We had a weekend trip to Le bouveret to visit swiss vapeur park and swiss aquaparc. It's perfect for a family like us because they're just on the same location, no long walking required since we have twin babies with us.

It's not just for kids but for the whole family.You pay for a day entrance and you can ride all the trains as much as you want, aside from mini trains they also have mini replicas like castles and popular churches in switzerland.

They have kiosks and souvenir shops inside the park and if you want to bring your own food they have picnic area too.

I subscribe my son to Sbb magic ticket for kids and as a member we got a discount for an entry ticket in Vapeur park and to other amusement parks. 

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The good thing is ,it's just across the street from Le bouveret train station for those who don't have cars or for those who want to travel by train.
And it's near Le Bouveret Bahnhof (station). There is a BnB La Berg du Lac-Valentin (just few meters from bouveret bahnhof) we paid 100fr. for a night for a quadruple room with breakfast. The owner is very nice but just speaks in french or maybe a bit english, my husband is speaking french so we didn't have problems at all.

We love Swiss vapeur parc and Le Bouveret, such a lovely place! We will come back again soon :)

For all the infos check the link below.

Swiss vapeur parc,Le bouveretRoute de la Plage, 1897 Le Bouveret

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