Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Happiness is where Happyland is! - Happyland, Switzerland

We visited Happyland during our visit in Valais (Wallis in german) during our son's school spring break. It was a sunny afternoon and a not-so-crowded day.

They have have interesting and fun rides for the whole family like:

*Splash river
*Nautic jets
*Big swing
*Simulator 3D

And a lot more!

My son is crazy about cars and this car track which they called Formula VD (Vaud the name of the canton/state) is perfect for kids like him. We never experienced long qeues at that time, i don't know if it was low season but no long waiting at all.

All in all we enjoyed our visit and we hope to go back again this year. Valais  (Wallis) is a beatiful place in switzerland with beautiful mountain view, they have an underground lake nearby that we visited as well.

For the entrance price click the link below:
Happyland Valais,Switzerland
Happyland,Rue du Foulon 3977

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