Thursday, April 03, 2014

Family time - Swiss Aquaparc

  Swiss Aquaparc

  • Located in a Bouveret,at the lake of geneva near montreux.Aquaparc is just few minutes walk from Bouveret train station.

    We went there for a weekend during my sons spring break.
    I bought a deal online for 50% off entrance ticket and it was worth it.

    They have a big pirate ship where kids can climb up and play with the water guns, also slides for big and small kids.

    They have wave pool which is popular in every indoor water parks. Kids can use floaties for free so no need to buy if you don't have one available.

    The employees are really attentive and always making sure the safety of the guests.The whole are is well maintained and very clean.

    My 2-yr old twin babies loved the pirate ship so much although it's somehow high for them we just make sure that they don't slip and fall.Always keep an eye on your kids to avoid any accidents since it's very slippery in every water parks.My 8-yr old son enjoyed and loved the big slides and the lazy river.

    The outdoor pool was closed at that time due to bad weather,i think they just open it when it's summer or when it's not that cold.

    Aquaparc also offers family photoshoot,their personnel will approach and ask the poeple if they want  to make a short fast photoshoot session and at the end of your stay you can check your photos and buy them at the reception.

    Bouveret itself is such a wonderful place.
    Walking near the lake is so relaxing and aside from aquaparc,swiss vapeur parc is also on the same location so make sure to visit them as well,it's nice for a weekend family trip.

    For entrance ticket price and all information check the website below:

    Rte de la Plage1897 
    Le BouveretSwitzerland

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