Saturday, April 05, 2014

Schlitteln/sledding in Toggenburg

Shlitteln/sledding in Toggenburg

Früeweidstrasse, Unterwasser

The whole family went sledding in Toggenburg during the school's winter sports holiday.The place is near st. gallen in the eastern part of switzerland.

Our friend recommended the place since it's a family-friendly sledding place,though some parts are steep  for small kids,a good sled is advisable.We had a plastic sled good for 2 persons which was so hard to steer and we're always falling out (or maybe i'm not that good lol)...but all in all it was a fun day for the whole family.

The day ticket costs 34fr. which is expensive so it's better to go there early and go for more rounds as much as you can.The way going up the mountain is approx. 5mins by rack railway (zahnradbahn), sledding going down like 20-30 mins. or more depends how fast you are.

Aside from sledding the place is also for skiers and in summer a lovely place for hiking.

Here's their website for the infos.

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