Friday, March 21, 2014

Universal Studios, Singapore

Universal Studios ,Singapore
Resorts world Sentosa,Sentosa Island Singapore

We had a 2-day stop-over in Singapore during our easter asia trip.
We got a brochure showing all the attractions of the city.

We took a taxi to Sentosa island where universal Studios is located.It was a hot summer
afternoon and perfect weather for a day adventure.

Unfortunately at  that time,the park's fountain was under construction which is not cool because we were not able to have that "fountain selfie" lol

We truly enjoyed the whole place specially that hot temperature in asia after leaving switzerland with cold spring weather.
Better bring extra clothes for kids coz it's so humid over there.

 The Highschool musical number on the street was really nice,my son was dancing the whole time :D

They have lots of Merchandise Shops inside the park,my son loved the m&m's store,he bought a MnM's canister and lots of MnM's chocolate,who doesn't love chocolate? :D They also sell fan-spray bottles coz it was scorching hot that day around 37C which is normal in asia during summer.


 We will def. go back here again ;)

here's the website for the entry ticket Price.

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