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Sea life ,Konstanz

Sea life ,Konstanz
Hafenstr. 9 · Konstanz,Germany

As a Merlin Card holder we are entitled to visit 16 selected Family attractions in Germany and that includes Sea life (we live in Zurich just 1-hr drive going to Konstanz)

Let me explain a little bit about Merlin Annual pass (in german Merlin Jahreskarte)  
It's a Card that we purchased in Legoland Germany that gives us an annual pass in 16 different attractions including:

Sea life Aquariums
Legoland Germany
Legoland Billund
Lego discovery Center in Berlin
Maddame Tussauds Berlin
Heidi Park Resot

click the link above for all the Information.

it's worth it to have Merlin Card if you have Kids,specially if you live at the Center of europe.

 It was a rainy and cold saturday so we thought to go somewhere indoor for the kids,so we went  to sea life which is just 45min. from our place.

 You'll find different marine life with all the trivias and informations posted on the side of the Aquariums ,sometimes they explain everything about the
animals,like how they feed them and it's origin.

 It's not just for kids but for the whole family.The place is somehow small
but it was really nice and good enough for an afternoon adventure.

 They don't just have fishes or sea creatures since it is called "sea life" but they also have other animals like squirrels,bears and a lot more.They are  very informative and so realistic .
I'm not sure if they're preserved those animals or just fake ones but they look so real to me.

 at the end of your trip inside sea life,there is a nice souvenire shop waiting for you and a Restaurant for those who wants to have a small meal after the visit.

after our afternoon visit in sea life we had a short walk with the Kids around Bodensee ( in english lake Constance),which is also a good sidetrip for the whole Family.Very nice place to relax.

If you want to go Shopping or go to the Cinema,just on the other side of sea life,there is a big Shopping mall Lago.

For all the infos about sea life check their website below.

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