Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Laupen, Switzerland

Laupen in Bern Switzerland 

The quaint little town of Laupen 🇨🇭
Located between the city of Bern and Murten 🏰 

I frequently travel to Bern and Murten but i never been to thi place before nor heard of Laupen.

The castle and the museum are open only on the first and third Sunday of each month from May to October 2021. But you can also roam around the castle all year round.

                     I went with the car which is almost a 2-hr drive
from Zurich.
   Parked at the Laupen train station, just across the street from the castle.

An afternoon walk around  Laupen old town up to the castle and ended our day with a refreshing dip in the Saane/Sarine river ❤

There are several shops to check out and restaurants in the area for a quick drinks or for a delicious meal.

The river has a very sttong current but shallow.
Very refreshing after a long walk but be careful as it is veru stoney and slipper.
Better bring your water shoes or flipflops.

This is at the back of the castle where you can see some wood works
very interesting for the little ones.

The stone entrance going to the castle.

-By Train approx. 35mins from Bern or Fribourg Bahnhof 🚉.

The stone path and stairs going up the hill where the castle is located is simply
Beautiful ❤

The view across the street where Laupen train station is located.
It's not even a long walk. So it is pretty accesible for train commuters.

Laupen is a nice for a one-day trip or a relaxing stop-over on the way to Bern or Fribourg.


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