Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Pumpkin spice and evrything nice! 🎃

Jucker Farm

               Bächlihof, Rapperswil-Jona

It's our yearly tradition to visit a pumpkin farm every september. This is a fun activity that we've been doing in Switzerland during autumn or late summer.

We usually go to Jucker farm, Seegräben near Pfäffikon lake. This year we went to Bächlihof in Rapperswil.

 On the weekends
when the weather is nice and sunny these pumpkin farms are very busy. 
It is advisable to go during the week.
Less crowd, more parking space and you are more relaxed. That is why we prefer to go at the beginning of the season.

I loved their freshly-pressed apple juice, it is a must-try. Kids can play in the straw playing area or play with the goats while you enjoy your afternoon coffee. 

They have home-made pies, cakes and tarts. You can also grill bratwurst or do bbq at their available public bbq grill. They have a farm shop where you can buy bratwurst, salds, organic vegatables and of course, Pumpkins!!

They have different pumpkins for decorations or for cooking.

This year's theme is "Unterwasser" (under water)

So you will see different underwater 
characters like sponge bob,submarines etc.
 They have very unique and interesting ideas every year and we will never get tired of it that it became a yearly tradition already the last 12 years.

*Walking near the lake is also nice after visiting the farm.

YT:Swizzie twins
 for more of our adventure updates.


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