Sunday, October 04, 2015

On top of Mt. Pilatus


Pilatus, Switzerland

Sunday afternoon we brought the kids on top of Mt. Pilatus. It was their first time to ride the big cable car going all the way up to see the beautiful view of Luzern and for them to simply experience how it feels like to be there high above lol. Surprisingly, they liked it! 


The twins are not afraid of heights (not like their mom and older brother lol) so  just the cable car ride itself is already a fun attraction for them. The view up there was so stunning and relaxing! We were lucky to be there on a sunny afternoon, clear blue skies and perfect weather.

First plan was just to try the summer toboggan/sled ride but we decided to go all the way up. The  summer tobo ggan ride was so much fun for the whole family, we enjoyed it a lot that we even went 2x more. The queu at that time was long, it took us 15-20mins. waiting time, afterwards we hiked going to the next station to catch the last cable car going down. 
It was a fun short afternoon adventure, we should have went there early in the morning to see the place longer. The fare going up there is expensive, for a 2-way ride 70fr+ /person, having a half fare card would be practical and you'll save a lot!

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