Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pow-twins' Birthday Parties


A&A's B-day Parties for the past 3yrs.

As a full time mom, i always make sure that my kids' Birthday Parties are memorable. The pictures here are the Arts & Crafts and kids activities, homemade cakes and preparing  our self-made lootbags. Just want to share here some party ideas for Kids.

A&A's 1st Bday - Luau themed Party.

I bought Hawaiian Leis for everyone and put colorful decorations and floral lootbags on the table.

I started the party with a drawing contest, the best one is the winner and there was a price ;)

I bought a small chocolate fountain, which i still use until now.
Perfect for every occasion. I did diy stuff like pom pom decorations, lootbags and arts & crafts activity for the kids.

I did a group contests and hired a face painting artist. The party is normally for 2-3 hrs but with all the activities that i prepared, i think we extended the party to 5hrs.

The games that i usually do every year are:

Pin the donkey tail
Sack race
Straw drinking contest
Hula hoop game
Egg race
Ring toss game 

And a lot more!

My husband said the normal or a traditional swiss birthday Party in Switzerland is usually few kids or only the best firends at home and simply enjoying a homemade cake by grandma or Mom, which is also nice but i thought why not invite everyone coz it's "the more, the merier" lol,
I mean if you have the time and the budget why not do a big party. I'm not against small gatherings, it's just that i'm not working, and i have all the time in the world to organize everything on my own.
I guess Kid's party planner is the perfect job for me lol :D

A&A's 2nd Birthday- Simply Orange and Green themed party.

Sometimes it's hard to decide what theme to choose, since i have a Boy and girl twins, color theme is always the simpliest option.

I made a barbie cake for Alyzsa and Fire truck for Ayden.

Baking is not my cup of tea but thanks to online tutorials, i was able to make one for the twins ;)

A&A's 3rd Bday- Barnyard themed Party.

The twins love the farm animals.
We live in a countryside which is surrounded by farms/Bauernhof. Everyday we can visit the cows and we're even allowed to touch and feed them. So i thought a Farm bday Bash is perfect for their 3rd party.

if i don't have time to do diy deko, i will just simply buy b-day stuff online and for the last 3 yrs, i always shop in confettibox.ch, they have unique bday decors that i can't buy elsewhere.

And for the first time, i did "Pabitin"  means "hanging". It's a fun traditonal Filipino game for birthday and town festivities. Everyone enjoyed the game even the swiss visitors was amazed of the concept. Good thing, I was able to find wood pieces that i hammered and connected together to create that hanging thing, where i put the candies and toys.


My eldest son's birthday is coming up and he is requesting for a Lego themed Birthday Party.

I'll share photos here soon...

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