Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Dinosaur and more! - Saurier Museum

My son loves everything about dinosaurs and his mom (me) as a big fan of "the land before time" movie,i'm always fascinated about dinosaurs.I remember watching little foot during my primary school years in my grandparents house (at that time,it was just betamax available).

This place is perfect for kids or even for adults who are interested and crazy about dinos.

They have dinosaur skeletons and fossils with all the trivia that you need to know,very interesting and informative.They also have a small theater room showing different classic movies about dinosaurs.

They have a small playground at the back of the museum and a big moving dino which is a good entertainment for small kids like my daughter on the picture above.

During summer you can make bratwurst  barbecue or picnic on their playground.

For all the information you may check their website,

Aathal, 8607,Switzerland

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