Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mainau Island ,Germany

  •       78465 Insel Mainau, Germany

  • Mainau Island in Germany is similar to keukenhof in Holland.It's like a big wonderful garden with lot's of beautiful flowers and a wonderful scenery.

    They have beautiful gardens with different themes.The kids loved the big peacock and duck formed flowers.We visited at the beggining of spring which was still a bit cold but sunny,perfect weather to walk around.They also have playgrounds and picnic place all over the place whenever you want to have a break after a long walk.

    When i first saw the place ,it reminds me of the "secret garden" cartoon series that i used to watch when i was a kid.

    Inside the park they have souvenir shops and you can find nice postcards or calendars showing the beauty of the island if Mainau.They also have restaurants selling "bratwurst" a typical german sausage served with a piece of bread with mustard or ketchup ;)

    They also offer different activities for the kids like treasure hunt,children's tour,pony rides etc.
    It's worth a visit specially in spring when the flower bloom everywhere.

    Here's the website for the full information:

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