Friday, March 14, 2014

Family fun at Gardaland ,Italy

Gardaland in Castelnuovo del Garda at Peschiera del Garda in Gardasee in the Region Venetien.

We went to Gardaland during our Venice trip last summer and also because of our legoland Merlin Card subscription,that includes 1day free entrance ticket for the whole family.

The place is really nice but so crowded and hot during peak season.Again,Long queus is our problem since we have small kids with us.We just walked around and simply enjoyed the place,they have small game booths for small children.If you'll check their website, it's exactly the same in actual (i was a bit disappointed in Disney, was not that fab like on their Website).Restaurants during Peak season is full so better eat at their Kiosks or take away area.Families can do picnics as well but strictly just at their Picknick area.

My son (actually all of us) enjoyed this surprise thingy like 1€ for every paper bag surpise.
At the end we had like 7 stuffed toys with us,luckily we won the biggest ones.

They have different themes inside,like this arabian building which is really nicez
Again we have small Kids with we were not able to check what's inside this building .

They also have their own Gardaland characters that you can have photos with ,for small Kids this is a good Entertainment.

For babies or toddlers they have small rides like the carousel,banana rides and a lot more!

for the ticket Price pls. check the link below.

Happy Niko got his frist stuffed toy Price ;)

Again, we visited Gardaland during our Venice trip and aside from that we visited Verona which is on our way home,so we thought to check it out as well...also Garda Lake.Always think of side trips on your travels because you'll never know maybe there are interesting places nearby,you just need to know where ,google is always available for all the  Infos you need ;)  
We stayed in a farm that turned to B&B.

Check agriturismo and there you will find Family b&b's for an affordable Price but good standard ones.

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