Thursday, May 02, 2013

Home made Fench Macarons

It was actually my first time to do this yummy french macarons for Christmas eve,after seeing my friends baking homemade macarons, i finally decided to give it a try and it was a succes! so easy as i expected, it wasn't the best good looking homemade macarons but it tasted really good ;)


*125 g almond meal or ground almonds

*200g cups powdered sugar

*3 large egg whites (they said eggs aged up to 3 days are better but i used just what i got from the grocery,i don't know even know how old they were)

*30g granulated sugar

*some are using 1 teaspoon vanilla extract but i think it's optional.

*food coloring

Materials needed:

*Electric handmixer/beater (i used Philips and it worked perfectly fine)


*mixing bowls

*oven tray with baking paper

*pastry bag(round tip)

*kitchen scale




-First measure all the ingredients properly

-sift ground almonds and powdered sugar

-then mix them together in a bowl with the granulated sugar.(some are using food processor but if you don't have just use a normal mixing bowl like what i did ;)

- now put the egg whites on the mixing bowl and beat it on medium-high speed until egg whites become stiff. while doing it put the granulated sugarthen put the color that you want (i used brown color)

-mix the egg whites to make the color even by using the spatula.

-mix/fold the almond sugar mixture to the egg whites

-when it become shiny and creamy pipe out the macarons on the tray with baking paper .

*some poeple are using silicone macaron mat but since you are doing this the first time macaron template is ok for now .What i did ,i draw circles on the baking paper like on the picture below (it's a size of a 5-dollar coin)

-once it's all piped out on ,bang the trys to let the air out.

-to make it perfectly round use the spatula to form and to remove that tip on top of the macarons.

-set the macarons aside for 20mins. while you preheat the oven to 300°f (150°C)

-then bake your Macarons for 14mins.

-Let the shells coolbefore removing them from the baking paper.

-then put your preferred filling,i used Nutella since it was my first time ,i'll try to make my own next time.

That's it! Goodluck and happy baking :)

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